Carpet cleaning Riverside CA is your local carpet cleaning services in Southern California. Servicing for more than 2 decades. We are a company that uses green carpet cleaning machines that gives you a healthy living. With our friendly workers, we give professional house cleaning tips to our valued customers.

Stepping on the carpet crushes the pollutants deep into the carpet fibers. That cannot reach by vacuums and often overlooked by expert cleaners. If not treated, small particles attract dust. Very tiny mites that leave behind daily waste and feces of up to 200 times their body weight. Although the original pollutants embed tight in the fibers of our carpet. The body parts and leftovers from the dust mites can easily inhale when the area disturbed.


Green Carpet Cleaning

We have equipment with controlled low moisture. With this, we are able to remove dirt, sand, grit, staining, and allergens. Hence, Carpet Cleaning with low mist is good for one's wellness most effective way. In maintaining your carpeting on an annual basis. Our equipment with green cleaning solution when applied using only 80 pounds of pressure at 190 degrees immediately lifts and dry-up soil build-up on contact. Out cleaning process allows your carpets to dry in under 2-hours leaving your carpeting fresh. As well as, restored without the difficulty of long dry times.

Upholstery Cleaning

The cleaning process for upholstery is similar to our carpet cleaning process. Thus, the solutions that we use is green seal approved. To extract soil from your upholstered fabric using high heat and low mist. With this method, we are able to promote fast dry times while removing dirt, grime. As well as, oils, and allergens without leaving any toxic residue behind.

Hardwood Cleaning

An additional elegant look for a home to have hardwood floors. Hence, our company specializes in wood floor cleaning in both home and business settings. Thus, the solutions that we use for hardwood cleaning specially formulated to clean, polish. And to protect all types of hardwood and laminate flooring.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Floors made of natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile can be a major investment for any home-owner. Hence, daily maintenance like mopping and sweeping strongly suggested. To keep soil levels as low as possible in your home.


Your eco-friendly local carpet clean services in Riverside and in the near surrounding cities of Southern California. We are a family business started in 2000 with well-experienced in carpet cleaning and other cleaning issues for home and business. Our expert cleaner is well advance and train in this industry because of the training and workshop that they attended to increase their skills. We do not just develop skilled workers but also a courteous and humble employee.


To give an eco-friendly cleaning service both home and business area in the whole Riverside community and in the near surrounding cities of South California. As well as, friendly and approachable workers. For us to achieve our goal of customer service satisfaction.  We keep our focus to give our 100% ability and personality. The cleaning product we put in our carpet cleaning machine is non-toxic materials.


To the number one eco-friendly carpet cleaning company that helps clean home and business establishments. But also help to have a healthy living. To be a professional carpet service in the whole State of California.


In just less than two decades in the industry. We are able to receive a few recognitions from the highest leaders in the industry. That gives us pride in our hard work and service.


Expert in carpet cleaning and other related services we love to give our customer our 100% skills and character. We believe that having a business is not only to gain income but also to gain more friends and family. During our service, we talk to our customer and give them a professional house cleaning tips. That they can do to help their property last longer than expected. Our company builds a training month that allows the employees to gain their skills. To be more competitive in other company in the industry.


To experience our honest service you may call us and we are happy to serve you.